Software Engineer, Serverside – SmartNews – Shibuya City, Japan

About this job :

  • Job type: Full-time
  • Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior, Lead
  • Industry: Information Technology, Media, News
  • Company size: 201–500 people
  • Company type: Private

Job description


  • Develop on serverside for news or ads feeds
  • Continuous improvement on the system operation, stability, efficiency and scalability 




Required skill/experience

  • Advanced skill and experience in more than one programming language
  • Understanding of computer science
  • Possible to use Japanese or English as a fluent or native speaker.
  • Possible to work in Japan.

Preferred skill/experience

  • High programming skills in one of these languages: Java, Scala, Kotlin, Python, Ruby
  • Failure analysis and performance tuning in JVM operation
  • Development experience on AWS
  • Development and operation experience in high traffic web service
  • Configuration, development and operation of Microservice / Service Mesh architecture
  • Experience in SpringBoot, MySQL, PipelineDB, Elasticsearch, Hive, Hadoop, Spark, Docker, Kubernetes, Consul, Istio etc.


  • 一種類以上のプログラミング言語に対する高い習熟度
  • コンピュータ・サイエンスに関する基本的な理解
  • 日本語もしくは英語がFluentもしくはNativeであること
  • 日本での勤務が可能であること


・Java, Scala, Kotlin, Python, Rubyいずれかの言語の高い習熟

・JVM の運用に必要な障害解析やパフォーマンスチューニングの経験


・大規模トラフィック Web サービスの開発・運用経験

・Microservice / Service Mesh アーキテクチャの開発・運用・導入経験

・OSS の公開またはコントリビュート経験

・SpringBoot, MySQL, PipelineDB, Elasticsearch, Hive, Hadoop, Spark, Docker, Kubernetes, Consul, Istioなどの利用経験

Benefits and Perks

  • SmartKitchen – Healthy lunch on a daily basis for free (Tokyo Office)
  • ChikyuCoffee – Delicious coffee provided by our Barista every day (Tokyo Office)
  • Event space – Free use for any kind of meet up (Tokyo Office)
  • Foreign language development support
  • Various social insurance benefits included
  • Full transportation coverage


  • SmartKitchen – ランチカフェテリア無料(東京オフィス)
  • 地球珈琲 – バリスタが淹れる本格珈琲無料(東京オフィス)
  • 各種勉強会用自社イベントスペース完備(東京オフィス)
  • 外国語学習の費用負担
  • 各種社会保険
  • 交通費全額支給